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Rules and Important Information

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Rules and Important Information Empty Rules and Important Information

Post by Serena Belogorov on Wed Jun 08, 2011 11:22 pm

Basic Rules

1) RESPECT. This goes for everyone, members and admin alike. There is to be no bashing or flaming of anyone on the site - it will not be tolerated. If you have a problem with a member, simply don’t talk to them. Don’t try and fight it out yourself, that only tends to cause problems. Come to one of the admin if you have issues. Immediate action will be taken if we see any putting down. You have been warned.

2.) NO POWERPLAYING. For those who don’t know what that is, it means controlling another person’s character. You have no right to say what someone else’s character says or does, only your own. Godmoding isn’t allowed either. Your character does NOT know everything, and they WILL have flaws. You can’t have a perfect character - those aren’t any fun. Sure, characters who THINK they are perfect can be. But no perfection. Flaws are fun.

3.) THREADS. Since we can have members of all ages here, PLEASE put an (M) or a (MATURE) warning label on threads that need it. I’m sure you know exactly what types of threads I mean - those with excessive violence, swearing, or sexuality. We don’t want to scar anyone for life, now do we?

4.) CHARACTER COUNT. We want active members who participate in plots - not a bunch of useless ghost characters that never get played. So please, only make as many characters as you can handle. We would like for each member to only have four, though if you think you can handle more, go ahead. The admin reserve a right to take away any characters that aren’t active.

5.) GRAMMAR. PLEASE use proper spelling and grammar. Yes, we understand that sometimes there is a word you butcher no matter what, but please do your best. Punctuation, spelling and such are very important; chat speak isn’t allowed anywhere except for the Cbox.

6.) POSTING. Along with this goes the word count - you’ll be happy to know that there is none! However, no one liners are allowed. We encourage you to try and match your roleplaying partner’s post, but remember: length doesn’t always equal quality. We’d like you to have a good post, and if that means short and sweet, so be it. Just do your best.

7.) ACTIVITY. We’d like you to at least log on once a day if at all possible. We understand that sometimes life keeps you away from your computer, and that’s completely fine. If you are expecting to be absent for any extended period of time, please tell us so we know what’s up and don’t accidentally delete your character.

8.) CBOX. It isn’t a right. Sorry. If we see any fighting, we will take the cbox away. Simple as that. No spamming the cbox for threads or anything like that, unless someone mentions having an open thread. It’s irritating if you constantly complain that no one has replied. Just don’t do it.

9. ) CHARACTERS. On Sanctuary For All, there are characters that you may not play. You will find a list of playable characters by clicking here.

10.) HAVE FUN! And yes. This is an official rule. If you don’t, Hopey will tickle you till you cry. It’s funny… you think I’m kidding don’t you. Just you wait.

11.) QUESTIONS. If you have any questions, PM either Drake or Hopey! We’ll be glad to answer your questions!


1.) The Head of House is in charge. Much like the Dean of a school, the Head of House is in total control of the Sanctuaries business; day to day business may be handled by other members, but the big decisions are made by the current head, Temple Hawking.

2. ) Missions are to be done in pairs, preferably teams. It is unwise to take on a mission by yourself, since all sorts of bad things could happen. When going on a mission, be sure to let someone know, and always have a form of telecommunication on you.

3.) Abnormals are advised against revealing their true nature to normal humans. Within the Sanctuary itself, it is perfectly acceptable to be ones true nature. But amongst the human population it can be dangerous to show what Abnormals truly are, not only for the Abnormal, but for the Sanctuary itself. It is very rare for Abnormals are allowed to tell outsiders their secrets, and those humans are closely watched.

4.) Sanctuary secrets are to remain Sanctuary secrets. This is not the FBI, and the Sanctuary does not involve itself in politics if at all possible. It is a home for Abnormals, and anyone who is caught giving out secrets will be strictly punished.

5.) Abnormals are to be treated with respect. They have feelings, just as you do, and more often than not are a lot more dangerous than you are.
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