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Full Name :
Serenity Alexdrina Belogorov
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Occupation :
Team Member, Psychologist [Temple's Team]
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Appearance :
Grace. Slender and willowy, yet not appearing like one of those starving models, everything about Serena is graceful. The way she walks, the way she talks, everything. She has this air of calm assurance around her that seems to make her look taller, though she only stands at about 5’5’. She isn’t one of those skinny-will-snap-in-half-if-you-touch-to-hard girls, either. Despite her slender form, she is obviously muscled, and a lot stronger than she looks.

Though Serena would deny it if you brought it up, she is very pretty. She has an almost exotic look to her, for several reasons. The first is that, although her eyes and hair is dark, her skin is very fair. It contrasts with her shoulder length curly hair, which is as black as a raven’s wing. It also makes her dark eyes look even darker. They aren’t one specific colour, her eyes, but seem to be in an in between shade of brown and black, though she does have lighter flecks in them. Most of the time they are a deep chocolate brown, warm and fun. Another part that makes her so exotic is the scars. The worst ones by far are the ones on her back, large burn marks that still ache in the cold. She has several random cut marks on her arms, faint but still there, and a scar above her right eye.

Serena tends to wear rather non-nondescript clothing. She likes soft tones, like creams, blues, light purples, soft yellows. It isn’t that she’s opposed to the brighter colours; she just doesn’t wear a lot of it. Serena isn’t fond of the flashy, skin revealing clothing teenager so often wear, but still manages to dress stylishly. She doesn't wear very much jewelry, just little diamond studs and a sapphire necklace on a silver chain.
Personality :
Serena is genuinely a gentle woman. Unless you anger her – which is nearly impossible to do – you'll rarely see her dark side. Serena is very laid-back and calm, and has this serene air about her. True to her name, she really is peaceful. She's not known to raise her voice unless in battle, and rarely ever gets excited about small stuff. Whether it's just plain laziness or just the innate calmness, no one knows. But it works. She’s the type that remains cool-headed and logical, and impulsiveness isn’t in her nature. 

She's very down-to-earth and honest, almost brutally honest. But she never means to hurt anyone – actually, she hates hurting others. Unfailingly polite to everyone, even enemies, Serena is a very respectful sort of woman. Oh, she might be tart and sarcastic (she has quite the tongue on her), but she manages to do it in a way that's almost respectful. Also, she knows when to speak up and when to hold her tongue. She is wiser than she looks, and far cleverer than she lets on. Serena isn’t opposed to telling people when they’re wrong, though she tries not to do it in an arrogant, stuck up way.

Serena can be almost obnoxiously friendly and cheerful to just about everyone. She's the type that greets everyone with a smile, even those she really doesn't like. She has an almost annoyingly optimistic outlook on life, greeting everything head-on. That's where her stubbornness comes in. Serena has a stubborn streak a mile wide. Even if she is proven wrong, she will not change her path. She has been known as “mule-headed”, and once she has decided to do something, the Gods help everyone, because she WILL do it. Even if it means running people over to do so. She has a sense of justice that no one but her really knows, and she will stick to that like glue. She doesn't disobey orders exactly, but if she thinks there is something wrong with the way others are going about things, you bet she’ll try and fix it.

Serena doesn’t enjoy fighting, though that isn’t to say she doesn’t. When angered, she has a sharp tongue that can whittle someone to pieces. Serena prefers to do things without violence, though she is smart enough to know that not everyone is a peace-maker. She doesn’t like shedding blood, though she is a damned good fighter. Serena also enjoys the occasional debate, since she isn’t hesitant about voicing her opinions.

Being empathetic, she is very sensitive to others emotions. It isn’t in her nature to be cruel or malicious to anyone, and she is almost the exact opposite. She cares deeply for other people, so much more than herself. She tries to make others happy, and will do her best to fix your problems… whether you want her to or not. She’s quite the caring individual, caring fiercely for her friends, and is incredibly loyal. She will never betray someone who trusts her, even if it means her own life. Serena is the type of person you can spill your problems to, without fear of being judged. But sometimes the emotions become to heavy for her and she ends up fall apart, but even though she can feel everyone else’s emotions, she rarely lets others in on her own.

Because of her insight to other emotions, she is a very wise person in the ways of the human psych. She’s a very clever woman, and she usually doesn’t miss a single detail. Photographic memory makes her a very good investigator, and she‘s a very bright person. It’s probably why she made a great psychologist and detective.

There is a certain defensiveness about her character, almost like she is wrapped in it. Just because she’s friendly doesn’t mean she is a totally open person. Around people she doesn’t know, she is shy and quiet. It’s not to say that she is standoff-ish or rude or anything like that. She just doesn’t talk around those she doesn’t know. And at any mention about her past, she immediately clams up, so don’t even try. Serena doesn’t well with those who try poking about where they don’t belong, and any attempts at fixing her own problems will be met with instant shut down. She has severe trust issues, especially after what happened in Russia, and it takes a long time for her to trust anyone. But if you do manage to win her trust, you’ll find a dependable, loyal, caring individual who would do just about anything for the ones she loves.
History :
If anyone were to ask that dreaded question, Serena would, in a terse voice, tell them she was born and raised in Russia, then moved here. It’s not exactly a lie, no. But it certainly isn’t the whole truth, though very few know her past. And she’d like to keep it that way.

She was born in a rural, unnamed village in Russia in the dead of winter, to very poor parents. Her parents were at their wits’ end trying to figure out how they were going to care for the little baby - for she had three older brothers and an older sister as well, and food in their town was scarce. Mariya fought with her husband for days before finally letting Sebastian take the baby and abandon her in the nearby woods. There was no way they could care for the child, although Mariya never forgave herself for the abandonment.

Serena was found by a young scientist by the name of Nikolai Belogorov, who worked for the Russian Sanctuary. He took pity on the baby, who never once cried, and took her in. The Moscow Head of House was not happy to have a baby running around, but Nikolai persuaded him that if she was raised here, she could be useful to them. Nikolai named her Serenity Alexdrina, shortened down to Serena.

From the time she was young, Serena was different than most children. For one, she was a very serious child, preferring to watch rather than speak. It’s not to say that she didn’t play, or get into her fair share of trouble - the Sanctuary was a great place for a child to get into trouble. But her adopted father noticed something else. Serena was able to tell people what they were feeling, always wanting to know why they felt the way they did. When she was six, tests were done. After tests were done, they were surprised to find that she had Abnormal DNA - she was empathetic.

That moment on, Serena was used in missions. At first, the little girl didn’t mind being used. She wanted to be helpful to her father, and she liked being able to help others. But the constant exposure to mostly violent emotions soon began to wear on her. Serena began to get severe headaches and become listless, sick even. Nikolai became extremely worried about her and took her off missions. It turned out that the emotions put a physical stress on her body that the six year old really couldn’t handle.

After that, she recovered. Her father home schooled her, and was surprised to find that his daughter was very bright. He taught her all he knew about Abnormals, passing on his love for them to her. By the time she was a teenager, she was ahead of most of the people her age. Unlike her father, she didn’t want to be a scientist, though she was a very good one. No, even though the pressure of others emotions sometimes crushed her, she wanted to help others. Serena wanted to be a psychologist. Conceding that yes, maybe the Moscow Sanctuary could do well with a good shrink, Nikolai let her get her degree, which she earned by the age of 18.

It was there where her life went downhill. She and Nikolai had been out on a mission in Japan when they were attacked by a couple of Blatella Sapien - insect like creatures that are incredibly powerful and dangerous. They were ill prepared for this - as they were investigating rumours of a sighting of the rare and docile vampire squid - though Serena managed to take down one of them before being critically injured. Nikolai radioed for help before he was killed by one of them, trying to protect her.

Serena was rescued, and survived her injuries. For a time she didn’t talk to anyone, not really blaming herself, since she knew that there was little she had been able to do, but angry at her weakness. Before that, she had avoided weapons training, mostly learning hand-to-hand combat (she had earned a black belt in karate and kung-fu years earlier). She began to train in weapons, mainly 9mm pistol. Years passed, and she started going out on missions again.

When she was twenty, a human was brought into the Sanctuary, a rare event indeed. The human’s name was Michal Turner, and he was a witness to a murder caused by a Folding Man that was hyped up on the gold drug. It was dislike at first sight - for Serena, anyways. She thought he was an oily, dark man who shouldn’t be trusted. Michal was infatuated with Serena - much to her chagrin - and took to following her everywhere. One day, she rejected his offer for a date, for the seven-billionth (at least, it seemed that way), and infuriated him. To this day, she doesn’t know if he did what he did on purpose or if it was an accident.

At the Russian Sanctuary, they managed to capture a very rare Fire Elemental, a very destructive Abnormal. Michal found this Abnormal and somehow managed to release it from it’s container. Serena caught him just as it started to burn the Sanctuary to the ground. She was caught in the path, unable to get out of the way, and her back was severely burned. The devastation was more than anyone had seen in years, and Serena was in intensive care for weeks.

And when she got out, she was charged with destroying the Sanctuary.

It seemed like Michal had blamed her for releasing it, since she was the only one who was suppose to know the code to the Elemental’s container, other than the Head. Serena protested she was innocent, but since everything had been destroyed, there was really nothing she could do. The Russian Sanctuary decided to get rid of her, whether it be giving her away or killing her. They offered her to the California House Head, Temple Hawkings.

Temple was most definitely not pleased to have this “gift”, that was for sure. Serena, still recovering from her wounds, was even less so. But considering the only other option for her was death, the New Atlantis Head took her in. At first, she avoided him, not wanting to cause trouble, and disliked being handed about like a stray puppy. But he eventually assured her that she wasn’t useless, and even helped her clear her name.

Over time, the seriously, reserved Serena melted away. Though she still has times where she shuts down and becomes somber and very apathetic, she’s more of the warm person we all know and love.
Other :
She's a sixth degree black belt in karate. Meaning she is, legally, a human weapon. So don't piss her off. She could kill you with a paperclip.

She speaks ten languages, though her native Russian usually slips out when tired, upset, or angry.

She's pretty technology inept. Her cell phone is much abused, since whenever it doesn't work, she tends to throw it on the ground. Hard.

Serena hates any food that is orange.

She's afraid of fire.

Serena likes fast cars.

She can sing and play the piano, though you're not going to hear her do either of them unless you catch her in a really good mood, catch her by surprise during her practice in the early morning, or get her REALLY drunk.

She has a photographic memory - she remembers everything she's ever seen, heard or felt.
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