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Full Name :
Rawdon Jefferson Hawking
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Sanctuary Network
Occupation :
Sanctuary Head of House
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Appearance :
Standing a couple inches about six feet, Temple tends to stand over most people barring some of the tallest people around him. He’s not wide at the shoulders or anywhere on his body really, instead he’s rather straight, his shoulders tend to be set just so, and his posture is generally always perfect. His skin is rather unblemished as well, though a few scars cover his body from various incidents that he would rather not get into, though most involve various sorts of Abnormals, not all of them do. A rather jagged scar down his back, from around the base of his neck to the small of his back is one such scar that he would rather not discuss, and he usually glares at anyone who asks him about it.

But back to the point at hand, his appearance. His face is thin, not bony so but just thin compared to some muscular men with square jaws and the like. His dark brown eyes usually always have a stern glint in them, just the way he is really and its why most try and avoid him, though occasionally they'll warm up into something like a smile. His dark brown hair is a bit of a tricky subject, as while he usually tries to keep up with the general style of hair (usually being the key word here) he has settled on just keeping it closely cut to his head. If he lets it grow out, which he has done on very rare occasions mostly at the request of one very lovely person, it tends to end up with some curl to it, which annoys the crap out of him if it gets to long as it just gets in the way and it tends to thicken out a lot. He rarely takes advice on how to style it from anyone, and consequently he just does whatever looks good. Normally he is clean shaven, just because its easier for him, though once in a while you'll find him with stubble on his face and its a very rare occasion he'll have a beard.

His dress sense is usually always practical over looks, though he has been known to go hunting Abnormals in a vest, tie, slacks and dress shoes, he much prefers doing it in something more practical, like jeans or cargo pants and t-shirts and such. Things he doesn't mind if they get lost or ruined, and to try and combat that issue, he gets the darkest color shirts and pants he can find, as well as the toughest material possible. But even then he has been known to come back shirtless or with half a shirt on and missing a pant leg, so he just resigns himself to not ever owning casual clothes for longer then a week.
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