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Just Why Are We Here?

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Just Why Are We Here? Empty Just Why Are We Here?

Post by Temple Hawking on Thu Jun 09, 2011 12:04 am

With the recent discovery of Hollow Earth things have been stirring around the world in the Abnormal community, mostly amongst the Sanctuary Network. A large find such as that lurking under the feet of others, has lead to many many wonders being discovered, both good and bad. This has lead to some changes in how the Sanctuary Network runs, but over all things have been well since Helen Magnus returned from Hollow Earth.

Underground the Abnormal community has always heard whispers of others being used, Abnormals being abducted or slain or just disappearing one day. The Sanctuary Network has always strove to insure such matters are handled delicately, and to keep the two very different worlds apart to make sure events never got worse then what they are presently, with the humans oblivious and the Abnormals frightened.

Recently however the number of Abnormals vanishing has increased more so then normal, most notably the ones that are either physically strong or have some sort of dangerous ability. A few weeks or even days later they turn up dead on the streets of New Atlantis, all with very different causes of death. The members of the Sanctuary have yet to discover what the reasoning behind these and another issue that have been plaguing the streets of New Atlantis.

Besides the deaths there has been an increase in the number of more exotic species of Abnormals roaming the streets of New Atlantis, all very dazed and confused with their surroundings. While the Sanctuary has been attempting to help these Abnormals they have been trying to discover why they have been just appearing in the city. Some even babble on about gladiator fights, pit fights, that they have witnessed in dark and secretive corners of the city. This has made the Sanctuary crew frown and worry over just what is going on in their backyard, and actions have been taken to find out just how this is happening and why.

Furthermore there has been a rash of, unexplained poachers and hunters of Abnormals appearing at mission sites that have been classified as secret and secure at the highest levels in the Network, that only a select few know about. How these people know about these locations and missions is a mystery to all members of the network and the New Atlantis Sanctuary has been scrambling ever sense to figure out what all is going on.

One group the Krad Organization is under suspicion of being responsible for these actions. However they have always been known for their philanthropic ways, and their mission has always been one of help and development. But there are suspicions about them, especially with their recent new head.
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