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New Atlantis

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Post by Temple Hawking on Wed Jun 08, 2011 10:01 pm

New Atlantis

The city of New Atlantis is located on the coast of California, and is small when compared to the more populous cities in the state. It is however very much picture-esque with the ocean and well cared for streets. People go about their daily lives thriving off of the atmosphere of the peaceful atmosphere of the town, and generally, people are happy, or as happy as one can be in California.


Lurking beneath the happiness and the normalcy however, exist creatures called Abnormals. Some human others monsters, these creatures exist in secret, some in peaceful co-existence with humans, while others live to cause trouble for both Abnormals and humans. While most are peaceful, those few troublemakers in the community are enough to give Abnormals a bad reputation amongst those that discover them.

Because of the secrecy of Abnormals, some have taken to making a living off of them as sideshow freaks or for private zoos, hunting them down for parts to sell off as drugs or exotic foods. There is an entire underground market around the exploitation of Abnormals all around the world, New Atlantis is no exception even though the members of its Sanctuary try their hardest.

The Sanctuary

The New Atlantis Sanctuary is one of three Sanctuaries in North America. Being on the opposite side of the country from the other Sanctuary in New York and south of the one in Old City, this Sanctuary takes on cases like any other from around the world, though mostly dealing in cases in the western parts of the United States. Where the New York Sanctuary has location and the Old City Sanctuary has Helen Magnus, the New Atlantis Sanctuary has manpower, which is why it was founded, to act when the others couldn't because of a lack of people to respond to any given situation. Given to Temple Hawking at its founding, the New Atlantis Sanctuary has been around sense the early 20th century and has been doing its best to insure Abnormals are protected and studied as well as humans in all this time.
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