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Welcome to the Sanctuary

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Welcome to the Sanctuary Empty Welcome to the Sanctuary

Post by Temple Hawking on Wed Jun 08, 2011 2:11 am


Welcome to Sanctuary for All! We're a site based on the television series Sanctuary but instead of playing in Old City or one of the named Sanctuaries in the series itself, we're based in the fictional city of New Atlantis, California. More setting information can be found in the link below. To all those looking to join but don't know very little about the show, ask us! We're more then happy to help you get settled in here on site, and if we haven't covered something that would help you here, then we can always find you the answer.

Getting Started

Below you will find links to get you started here on Sanctuary for All, these are ones that will get you started here before you apply to the site. Please not the list of Abnormal types is just a list of examples as seen on the show Sanctuary.

Playable Abnormal Types
Ranks and Factions
Frequently Asked Questions

Also the Sanctuary Wiki is good reading for those who need a refresher of the setting or would like to learn more about something that isn't on site.

Settling In

As you get settled in here on Sanctuary for All you'll fine we have a few things to get you started here! The history application board is a great place to get started forging relationships, and the Plots and Thread Trackers board is perfect for plotting and keeping track of your threads. There are however a few areas you should check out as well.

Team Roster
Master Character List
Face Claims
Residence Claim and Description

After that just go out and explore what we have available to you all and have fun!
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