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Nightside of Eden [if]

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Nightside of Eden [if] Empty Nightside of Eden [if]

Post by Eden on Sun Jul 17, 2011 7:06 pm

Nightside of Eden
Nightside of Eden [if] Izuiqw
Welcome to Seattle. Look around, see all the people? How many of them do you think are actually human? Honestly? Not as many as you think.

You see that guy lurking in the shadows? Avoid him. That big dog you just saw that looked kind of like a wolf? Forget about it. That couple making out in the alleyway? Pretend you never seen them. They are all a part of a hidden world, the Nightside, a world you don’t want to stumble onto. Glory and fame doesn’t come from this discovery. You probably don’t want to find out what your reward is actually. You see, Seattle is filled to the brim with creatures of the night; vampires and werewolves, live hidden among the humans here. Doing whatever it takes to stay hidden and survive.

Whatever you do, don’t get involved…

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