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In the Dark! A brand new wolf Rp!

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In the Dark! A brand new wolf Rp! Empty In the Dark! A brand new wolf Rp!

Post by Indadmin on Sun Jul 17, 2011 5:31 pm

A brand-new unique wolf roleplay. No word count and the ability to make your own pack easily.

In the present time, it's hard to find a place without human influence. So when a medium-sized island is found off the cost of north America the united state's government set the area aside for the wildlife that calls it their home. Barely anyone is allowed to visit there and if they are, they will be strictly watched to make sure that the animal's natural habitat isn't changed by them.

The dominant species on this island are wolves. They have created several packs and now live in comfort. The pray is plentiful and the packs are at peace, for now. There is a small band of loners, not technically a pack yet that seek to end this peaceful time. Bloodthirsty and power-hungry, they want to rule the island. The packs are currently in the dark about the loners though. When will they find out? Are some of the packs secretly itching for a war? Join to find out!


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