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Naturally Forsaken; A Literate Warrior RP

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Naturally Forsaken; A Literate Warrior RP Empty Naturally Forsaken; A Literate Warrior RP

Post by Luna on Sun Jul 17, 2011 5:05 pm

Naturally Forsaken; A Literate Warrior RP 11rsu8o


[blockquote]Naturally Forsaken is a new Warrior cat role play site that is ready to jump into full bloom! Few high positions are still available and open for audition! (Every other ranking does not require an audition.) If you're interested, check out the plot below and I hope you consider joining to become one of the first family members of Naturally Forsaken![/blockquote]


Greenleaf brings happiness and full bellies to the three clans, BayClan, RootClan, & BreezeClan. Queens are giving birth to healthy kits and elders are stretching their legs and to the Vertical every day for water. The clans have never been so prosperous. Shouts of joy echo off of the mountains.

But mother nature has another plan for these cats. When danger lurks seconds away in every direction, how can the clans escape? Creatures that these clan cats have never seen before are hiding right around the corner; some creatures with beating hearts, and some whose hearts belongs to the earth.

When things begin to fall apart under their paws, the cats of Bay, Root, & Breeze must combine their greatest skills to overcome the toils that wait behind every tree, every rock, and every hill.

Join Naturally Forsaken to enter the dangers of their world. You'll surely be sucked into the compelling plot lines and creative adventures that no one has dared to role play before.


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