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Marie St. Clair

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Post by Marie St. Clair on Sun Jul 17, 2011 5:09 am

Marie St. Clair 02

Name: Marie Elizabeth Antoinette Saint Clair

Alias: Ms. St. Clair, MM, Saint Marie, Smiles.

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Race: Abnormal


DNA Adaption. Marie's gene structure isn't set in stone like many other individuals. In fact Marie's DNA is constantly trying to improve upon itself. When Marie touches a living organism her body somehow is able to scan the organisms gene structure. During this process if the DNA finds a trait or traits that can improve Marie it will copy it and adapt it.

For example if Marie touched and her body scanned it she would be able to lift twenty times her own weight or if she scanned a hawk she may gain a hawks vision. Her abnormality may seem like a great benefit however there are some things that make it undesirable. The first is if her DNA adapts too much or too quickly her body will start to break down. Imagine pain shooting all through your body as your body is trying to figure out if it should reset or save a few traits. This process happens again when Marie is exposed to a large amount of electricity.

The capabilities of Marie's power are also not fully explored. She can technically copy the traits of abnormals although everyone is weird. Sometimes when she touches an abnormal her DNA feels that their abnormalities wouldn't be a good fit and just don't take them while other times they will. Her DNA also isn't guaranteed to copy the traits of an abnormal exactly to a tee. For example if she touched a pyrokinetic she could possibly get the same level of power or she could only be able to light candles or matches with her mind.

The traits that she gain are also a catch twenty two. Her genes can revert back at any given notice so the time frame of the adapted trait varies highly. The trait could be kept forever or it could go out in a few seconds. Could you imagine being deep underwater breathing through your nose just to have the breathing underwater gene revert back to normal?

Rank: Scout

Faction: Sanctuary

How did you end up where you ended up?

When Marie truly discovered her ability she told her father. Her father knew about the Sanctuary network and had arranged that Marie could live there when she was 17. Marie has been with the New Atlantis Sanctuary ever since.


Marie has a lot of confidence in herself and you can easily tell as you watch her movements. The girl has long blond hair that seems to fall elegantly down to her shoulders and upper back. When it comes to her face her eyebrows are trimmed stylishly and her eyelashes themselves for some reason seem to be long and curled. Her lips are also a little bit of a mystery as they always seemed to sparkle slightly from the different sets of lip gloss Marie decorates her mouth with.

For some reason body does mimic an hour glass perfectly. As you go down her body you can see how her curves move in subtly before spreading again to wide hips. Marie's curves are very defined almost giving the girl a superficial appearance of beauty. She is a skinny little thing though it isn't through some crazy diet plan. Light trim muscles can be seen all along Marie's body although you can tell the focus point is in her belly area. The abs on her belly when flexed could probably stop a bullet though Marie isn't going to test that theory.

Marie isn't a small girl as she stands at 5'11 and weighs about 130 lbs. When it comes to her sense of style Marie believes in comfort strongly. She won't go out of her way to look beautiful like some girls do, in fact, Marie will wake up grab a thing of jeans and a t-shirt and move on with her life. The girl loves bright vibrant colors and you can almost always see her in some yellow or blues. When she does have to dress up best believe Marie will go the extra mile to impress.



In the beginning there was a random baby that found herself in the St. Clair Orphanage. No one knew who dropped off the child or where it had come from. There was no paperwork, no blood trail absolutely nothing. It wasn't a rare occurrence in California but her father thought it would be a great political move to adopt her.

The baby of nothing became the heir of one of the most prominent and wealthy families of Washington. Marie was brought up to all of the finer things in life. A price tag was nothing however what shocked her parents, and the press, was Marie's unselfish nature. Other children her age wanted everything while Marie was simply happy going to the zoo. The girl had a weird fascination with animals and for some reason animals always tended to flock to her.

It was apparent that the girl had some sort of animal affinity when she was 7. Marie was sitting outside with her mother in their garden and animals that tend to stay away from humans simply went to her to be petted and played with. It was also at that time that the changes began to happen. After petting a squirrel Marie found out she could walk on any surface and be at perfect balance. Marie didn't think it was weird she could easily balance on things in fact she was shocked her mom and dad couldn't do it too.

As the years went by Marie grew into a beautiful young woman that seemed to grow her own opinions. As a St. Clair it was believed that Marie was supposed to be above the drunken party nights and the wild sex that the other teenagers her age partook in. The problem with that idea was Marie wasn't going to be limited by the ideas of others. She did was she thought was right and at the age of 14 she decided to get drunk with one of her friends. The press were all over it and when one of the news crews asked her what America will think of her father now Marie showed how bright she really was.

“I don't see how America's thinking should gravitate towards my father when I was the one who made a conscious decision to get drunk. We live in a were teenagers want to try things. I tried getting drunk and the hangover was horrible. If anything America should be thankful my father understands that teenagers are teenagers and is going to try his hardest to make it so every American is treated fairly. I'm grounded till I'm 30 if that's not a fair decision than what is?”

It was these words that set her apart from her other blue bloods. Marie wasn't the wild girl that everyone thought she was in fact she had a very strong opinion of politics. Her father was shocked by her knowledge and her grounding went from till she was thirty to a simply call us before you do anything. Marie continued to grow into herself until her kidnapping took place. Marie got into her limo to go home and her regular driver wasn't her driver. They took her to the warehouse district.

Marie was locked in a room filled with illegal animals. Filled with rage Marie banged on the door until one of her kidnapers came to shut her up. The fight was very one-sided as Marie was quickly brought to the ground. During the midst of the fray cages were bumped into and fell to the ground. She touched a snake and soon she had this weird flexibility. That's when she realized her gift and she began touching the other animals. Marie took out her kidnappers but because of the quickened rate of the DNA processing she as knocked unconscious due to a strong pain.

When she awoke she was in a hospital bed and her parents were by her side. Marie told them what had happened, about her gifts, and her mother thought she was insane but her father knew the truth. Her dad began talking with a colleague of his and Marie soon found herself at the Sanctuary in California. It was rocky at first leaving her friends and family but eventually Marie was able to grow from an intelligent teenager into the woman that she is today.

RP Example:

Gabrielle sat in her office with a strong determination to finish the paperwork sitting idly on her desk. It was the one thing she hated about owning her own business. Most of the days when the club was open Gabrielle would wish she could have five minutes to sit down. The woman would go from serving drinks one minute, to cooking food for someone, to dancing on the bar table. Vibrations was a while place and she loved how fast of a pace things moved. Paperwork was not face nor did it laugh at her jokes. Gabrielle sighed for a moment as she stared at the numbers and reports written on the clean cut pieces of paper. ”Paperwork if you were a vampire, I'd stake you.”

After a moment of staring at the work she was supposed to do Gabrielle stood up and began to stretch. What should I do for an hour or two... Gabrielle thought to herself as she moved out of her office to stare at the empty club. It was always just a little creepy to see the place so empty and devoid of life. Vibrations was a place where you could lose you inhibitions and just be free. If you wanted to get topless and dance on a table, then do it. If you wanted to make out with your boyfriend at the bar and then five seconds later make out with your girlfriend then do it. Gabrielle had dreamed of Vibrations
being a sanctuary. You could live life and celebrate without having to worry about the depressions most people felt in their lives.

Gabrielle walked to the bar and began to make herself a tiny glass of sprite. As she brought the soda to her lips she wondered if all of her employees would be on time today. They always ended up having little mishaps. Maybe I should call Kleio and see if she can fill in It seemed like a very sound idea considering Klieo was not only beautiful she was intelligent to. A sly smile formed on her lips as she considered convincing her best friend to do the paperwork that was piling on her desk. Kleio would never she has a life... Gabrielle considered. As she thought about it she also remembered that Kleio did owe her a few favors. As she pondered her best friends descent into office work someone began to bang on the club door.

Her body jumped as the loud banging went on. What the fuck? Gabrielle pondered as she slowly moved to the door. It was only when she heard Kleio's voice that she began to run. She unlocked the door quickly and pulled Klieo inside wondering who in their right mind could have given her best friend such a chill. ”Whats wrong baby?” Gabrielle asked as she held her friend in her arms. It was only a second later that a vampire stood in the entrance of the doorway. ”Never mind.” Gabrielle said quickly as she pushed her best friend away from her. The vampire charged Gabrielle however this wasn't the woman's first rodeo. As he moved closer Gabrielle threw up her foot letting it connect to his chest was she let her back hit the ground.

It was a nice evasive maneuver but the vampire wasn't out. As Gabrielle stood up she focused on him and the magical energy around her. Confringo The incantation began to ring in the young girls mind and she released that magic to the world. The vampire had a look of pure fear on his face and then he exploded leaving his remains all over the dance floor area. ”Well... Okay one, are you alright?” Gabrielle asked as she turned to face her best friend. She had looked pale and her neck seemed to have two puncture holes. Damn she let him bite her. Gabrielle went to the bar area and went into the mini fridge under the counter. Off the record the fridge contained Gabrielle's secret baked goods that no one was allowed to touch.

She pulled out a plate of brownies and while they were cold they still probably tasted the shit. Gabrielle put the brownies on the counter and she waved Kleio to come towards her. ”Okay, eat these brownies, tell me what happened, and I need you to do the paperwork in my office.”


-Her Abnormality does not allow her to change her physical features. If she gains the ability to breath underwater she doesn't get gills she simply can breath through her nose. Her power lets her gain physical traits without changing her physical traits.

-Marie secrets a special pheromone that attracts and puts animals at ease. Regular animals mind you not abnormal creatures. An angry bear wouldn't attack her in fact if Marie wanted to pet him he'd become less grizzly and more teddy.

-Marie has a very sick obsession with mint oreos to the point where she has a packs of them hidden in all over the Sanctuary. Don't touch her oreos or she will feed you to the nubbins.

-Is born from a boombox meaning she has a special affinity when it comes to dancing to music.

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