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Post by Serena Belogorov on Fri Jun 03, 2011 8:16 pm

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary Network is a network of safe havens for Abnormals. It was founded by Gregory  and Helen Magnus  in order to protect Abnormals and humans from each other. They are not prisons, but more protection for both species. They are set up all around the world, and are governed by the council of house heads, with Dr. Helen Magnus un-officially at the head.

Sanctuary network keeps their own paramilitary defense force, mostly made of humans but also consisting of abnormals. These soldiers guard the Sanctuarys in event of invasion, and have even been shown to be pulled together using militaristic tactics to coordinate assaults. While the number of soldiers have not been mentioned, they are quite well equipped with automatic weapons, state of the arttechnology  and even a small fleet of warships.

The following is the list of the current Sanctuaries, excluding New Atlantis.

  • Old City Sanctuary – The main Sanctuary in Old City. This is the headquarters of the Sanctuary Network, headed by Helen Magnus. It's a large, almost castle like structure that is home to many creatures, both Abnormal and not.
  • Beijing Sanctuary – The branch in the People's Republic of China
  • Moscow Sanctuary – The branch in Russia
  • Mumbai Sanctuary – The branch in India
  • New Delhi Sanctuary – The branch closest to the Himalayas
  • New York Sanctuary – The branch in New York City
  • Tokyo Sanctuary – The Japanese branch
  • UK Sanctuary – The branch in London in the United Kingdom
  • Sydney Sanctuary – The branch in Australia mentioned to have an abnormal affected by Big Bertha
  • Cairo Sanctuary – The branch in Egypt
  • Rio de Janeiro Sanctuary - The branch in Brazil.
  • Lagos Sanctuary - The branch in Nigeria .
  • Berlin Sanctuary - The branch in Germany.
  • Grozny Sanctuary – The branch in Chechan Republic, Russia.
  • Asunción - The branch in Paraguay.


The Five were a group of scientists and extremely intelligent scientists studied Abnormals during the Oxford Era. They were dedicated to expanding their knowledge of the physical world, even by the most unconventional means. The five members were Helen Magnus, Nikola Tesla, John Druitt, Nigel Griffin, and James Watson. One day, Dr. Magnus managed to procure a very rare untainted blood sample from an ancient vampire. After making a serum of it she, along with the other four members, injected themselves with it and received powers, different in each of them. Below is a description of each member and what they can do.

**Note These characters are NOT playable by anyone except for the admin, and that alone will be in very rare cases. This is just here as a reference. Also, your character may know these people, but only if they have reason to. Example: Temple Hawkings knows Helen Magnus, since he is the House Head.**

Helen Magnus: Dr. Helen Magnus was born in the 18th century to a well-renowned scientist Gregory Magnus. She learned about Abnormals from her father, and he used his influence to get her into Oxford. It was there where she met and became friends with Nikola Tesla, John Druitt, Nigel Griffin, and James Watson. The became what was known as the Five, and when she injected herself with the blood, she received longevity. She had a daughter with Druitt (though he never knew it, as he went mad due to the effects the blood had on him) named Ashley who was killed later on. She is the head of the Sanctuary Network, and has been for a long time.

John Druitt: Druitt met Magnus at Oxford, and soon became both a close friend and, later, her fiancé. When he was injected with the serum, it is thought that the energy made him snap, awakening a psychotic nature in him. He went on a murderous rampage through London, being known as Jack the Ripper, before finally being found out by his friends. This greatly strained his relationship with the other members of the Five, and he soon left. Druitt returned after finding Tesla, being revived by him and seemingly a changed man, although there is still tension between him and Magnus.

Nikola Tesla: Tesla was the one of the brightest of the Five, and the rival of John for Helen’s affection. Out of the Five, Tesla’s reaction was the most dramatic. Apparently he had dormant vampire genes in him, which were awakened by the serum. Along with gaining control of electricity, he gained all the vampiric traits: speed, hearing, strength, and a supposed blood-lust. Magnus made medication for him to take to control that blood-lust. During World War II he was forced into hiding because he made a death ray that all the Allied Powers wanted, hoping it would bring peace. After many friction-filled meetings, he joined up with the Five, though ended become sort of mortal due to an invention he made.

James Watson: When Watson received the serum, he gained far superior intelligence and his IQ shot up, making him the perfect partner for Magnus during her studies of Abnormals. During the “Jack the Ripper” case, he was hell-bent on solving it, and was horrified when his friend John Druitt ended up being the culprit, causing friction between the two. He and Magnus started the Sanctuary project, and he became Head of House in the UK. Watson made a machine that extended his life for about 160 years, and ended up dying on the mission to retrieve the Source Blood to stop the Lazarus Virus.

Nigel Griffin: The “Invisible Man”, as he was called, Griffin gained the power to become invisible. He came from a lower background, and had a distaste for high society. He was also the only one besides Magnus who was on friendly terms with Tesla. Griffin helped the Allies during World War II, and helped Magnus cage up a Fire Elemental that the Nazis were going to use during D-Day. He died of natural causes, but he fathered a daughter, Anna Griffin, who also had a daughter, continuing his line and his power.

The Cabal

I have been told that everyone believed that the Cabal had disappeared centuries ago, though Dr. Magnus warns me than they are alive and active. Rumours about the Cabal say that the organization was formed from fallen knights from King Arthur’s Round Table, and that they helped Merlin with his battle. But the facts are far from the truth. The facts are that the Cabal was originally founded in the Year 700 AD as a secret society of collectors that sent its agents into the world to capture ancient beings of power which included unique species of Abnormals.

The organization was believed to have died out in the 19th Century, but had actually simply reformed and gone underground, whereupon it infiltrated various business organizations from biotech firms to companies to defense contractors, turning into a global world spanning organization with a great deal of power. They are responsible for many of the Sanctuary’s difficulties - viruses and brutal battles have been recorded in the Old City - and anything that threatens their goal is usually quickly terminated. Whether it be a human, abnormal, or anyone who stands in their way.
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