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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions Empty Frequently Asked Questions

Post by Temple Hawking on Sat Jul 16, 2011 3:54 am

Q1:Do you allow show cannons (Helen, Nikola, Druitt etc.)?

A1: No we do not allow show cannons.

Q2: Will you ever allow show cannons?

A2: Show cannons will not be allowed to be applied for on site. If they are needed the staff will take them over for the duration they are needed.

Q3: Oh...well then can my character be related to a show cannon?

A3: No you're character may not be related to a show cannon. It is said in the list of allowed character types that you are not allowed this. This site, while stretching cannon to some extent, will not allow relatives of show cannons even OC ones as the creators of this site would not like to see Helen's long lost half-fire elemental murderous twin sister who works for the Cabal here.

Q4: Oh...then can my character know someone from the show?
A4: IF they have a good reason to (grew up in a Sanctuary or worked in a Sanctuary or something) then yes they can. However such relationships will be monitored closely, to insure things are NOT being abused.

Q5: When does this site take place in relationship to the show?

A5: We take place in that half-season break in season 3 when Helen JUST got back from Hollow Earth.

Q6: Oh does that mean my character can be from Hollow Earth?

A6: No, your character may NOT be from Hollow Earth at this time. This restriction may be lifted at a later date at staff discretion however.

Q7: So, can I be a Vampire?

A7: No, this is again in the restricted character types please see HERE if you want a full list.

Q8: But they are still around! Look at Awakenings from Season 3!

A8: First of all we on site aren't even to that point in cannon yet, so its a moot point. Also they are RARE and its highly doubtful that even if they were found earlier in cannon that we would allow them on site.

Q9: Will you ever allow Vampire's on site?

A9: Maybe...later...and on a very, very limited basis. This is HIGHLY doubtful however.

Q10: Why such picky requirements for joining a team? That form is like, so hard!

A10: Its meant to insure that your character has skills needed for a team is why. Don't worry if you can't think of skills all at one shot, just add to them as you think your character has them. The idea is to try and match characters up like a proper team...somewhat.

Q11: What happens if a mission comes up and there's people waiting for a full team?

A11: The members not in a full team at the time will either be mixed into other teams individually if there are enough teams for that OR they will be lumped up into one team if there's only one other team available.

Q12: Why do I need to post with an experienced/longer term member of the Sanctuary if apping for that and my characters new to the Sanctuary?

A12: Characters new to the Sanctuary are seen as exactly that, new to the Sanctuary and they will be treated as such. Threading with another member of the Sanctuary, a more experienced one, allows the newbie to be settled into the Sanctuary just as a new member of the residence would be. Don't worry your character won't be rejected from the Sanctuary if they don't click with someone in that thread, its just a general introduction to the place and your character. We encourage this as well for members of the Krad Organization.

Q13: Krad Organization? I don't see that on the boards...I see Krad Technology Inc!

A13: Krad Organization and Krad Technology Incorporated are used interchangeably, though if you want the correct use, Krad Organization is the charitable side of Krad Technology Incorporated as well as its over ruling body as they do buy out other companies as well. Krad Technology is just the well, bulding part of it.


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