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Divide and Conquer

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Divide and Conquer Empty Divide and Conquer

Post by Temple Hawking on Fri Jun 10, 2011 11:04 pm

The teams at the Sanctuary are the groups of people sent out to retrieve, study and sometimes kill Abnormals or investigate other unusual activity. Teams are put together first by skill set then by fit, most are permanent teams while some are temporary to figure out if they work or not.

Not every team has the same range of skills, as not every person is the same. While efforts are made to make the teams diverse on occasion more specialized teams are put together and called on when their skills are needed or as a last resort. Also when a full team is not needed efforts are made to pull in members from the same team to go on the mission for compatibility.

Team One
Note: Because Temple doesn't always go on missions as his title of Head of House means he needs to stay behind or has other duties to attend to, this team has an extra member.

Team Leader: Temple Hawking
Skills: Abnormal (Time Manipulation), Knowledge (Science), Knowledge (Area), Knowledge (Abnormals), Knowledge (Sanctuary Network), Contacts (Sanctuary Network), Contacts (New Atlantis City Government), Skill (Leadership), Weapon Specialist (Pistols)
Second in Command: Marcus Hawking
Skills: Abnormal (Time Manipulation), Weapon Specialist (Pistols), Weapon Specialist (Rifles), Knowledge (Electronics), Contacts (New Atlantis City Youth), Contacts (Sanctuary Network), Skill (Electronics), Skill (Leadership)


Serena Belogrov
Position: Team Psychologist
Skills: Abnormal (Empathy), Profession (Psychologist), Skill (Languages), Knowledge (Abnormals), Skill (Diplomacy), Contacts (Russian Sanctuary), Weapon Specialist (Karate)
Member Slots: 3/6

People Not in Teams:

Applying for your team:
Teams are handled mostly by matching up persons with abilities the others don't have or contacts the others don't have, to try and make a balanced team. This doesn't always happen however and if enough people have one skill set a specialized team will be made. So teams are basically random.


[b][i]Name first and last[/b][/i]
[b]Team Position:[/b] What position you think your character should have in a team
[b]Skills:[/b] List as many as you can tags are below

Skills are listed as ___(Something) like the above. Below are a quick guide to the different tags used. If one needs to be made or you're unsure ask Drake.

Skill: The catch all tag, if it doesn't fit in anything else it belongs here.
Contacts: Your character has contacts within a specific group of people.
Knowledge: Your character has advanced knowledge in something, can be as broad as Science or as specific as Folding Men.
Weapon Specialist: Again can be as broad as Pistol or as pin pointed as Kung Fu and yes we realize Kung Fu is not a weapon nor is any sort of hand to hand combat thing. However, its the best fit in the tags.
Abnormal: If your character is an Abnormal put their Abnormality here.
Profession: The career your character had before coming to the Sanctuary list here.

If you forget to add a skill to your character or think one up later (it happens) then just fill out the following form so you can be added.

[b]Skills to be added:[/b][/code*]
Remove the * please.
Temple Hawking
Temple Hawking
Head of House

Race : Abnormal
Faction : Sanctuary Network

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