Abnormals: 3
Humans: 0
Sanctuary: 3
Krad Organization: 0
New Atlantis: 0
Males: 1
Females: 2
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Occupations and Divisions

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Occupations and Divisions Empty Occupations and Divisions

Post by Temple Hawking on Fri Jun 10, 2011 9:54 pm

Please note that these are not all the ranks available to you here. If you have an idea apply with it or run it by an admin, these serve as examples per faction.

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary in New Atlantis has a vast collection of Abnormals in it as residents as well as a good number of both Abnormals and humans who work in field teams to go out and not only recover specimens but also help to settle disputes between warring Abnormals and Abnormals against humans. While every Sanctuary does this, New Atlantis is one of the largest ones in the world, and tends to send out more teams as support then any other. It is also one of the oldest Sanctuaries in the world, having been established shortly after the one in Old City and the one in the UK. They are Pro-Abnormal rights and secrecy.

Head of House: Temple Hawking (Taken)

Possible Occupations: Technician, Weapons Specialist, Psychologist, Scout, Doctor, Mortician, Spy
Default Rank: Resident

Krad Organization

At one point in time the Krad Organization had a mission of good will towards Abnormals. Using their resources, they held a clinic in one part of their building for Abnormals and even aided the Sanctuary in terms of technology and so much more. Primarily a technology company the Krad Organization did dabble in genetics and pharmaceuticals at one point in their career and recently they have taken to doing so again, under the leadership of their current leader who has seemed to forgotten the organizations original cause. While officially they are Anti-Abnormal and secrecy there is some dissent with their current leader, some wanting it taken much farther then the pit fighting and genetic experiments that are currently going on and others wanting to go back to their original roots.

Head of Krad Organization: Open, please talk to Drake before applying so details can be worked out
Possible Occupations:
Humans: Smuggler, Hunter, Front Man, Zoo Ringleader, Private Zoo Procurer, Office Worker, Tech Developer
Abnormals: Pit Fighter, Zoo Specimen, Sideshow Freak

New Atlantis

Everyone else in New Atlantis is either neutral, doesn't care, or is very much unaware of the goings on about them concerning Abnormals. They are the every day citizen that the Sanctuary strives to protect and the Krad Organization wants to put in danger, if only to make money off of them. They can go either way in concerns to Abnormals and them being secret.

Mayor of New Atlantis: Not allowed to be applied for at this time
Possible Occupations: Any job in a city
Temple Hawking
Temple Hawking
Head of House

Race : Abnormal
Faction : Sanctuary Network

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