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The Sanctuary

  • The Sanctuary

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  • Sanctuary Entrance and Foyer

    From any spot in New Atlantis can one see the Sanctuary. The large stone castle is nestled near the coast of the city, far enough away from civilization that the odd happenings don't usually bother them, but close enough to get supplies. The Sanctuary is located up a long, gritty road that runs along the coast line, and its east wall faces the ocean. The Sanctuary itself is a huge, grey stonewall castle that towers over every surrounding building. There are huge iron gates in the front that, despite the old Victorian-era feel to it, are monitored by computers at all time. Once one enters the castle, it opens up to a huge garden. Following the middle path will lead you to huge double oak-wood doors. The foyer in the Sanctuary looks lavish, although it is obviously cozy and well-worn. To the right is a hallway with several doors to been seen, to the left is a huge stairwell. Straight ahead of you is an open space, a sort of meeting place for everyone. No one is left un-greeted, whether it be friend or foe.
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  • The Library

    New Atlantis' Sanctuary prides itself on having one of the largest libraries in all of California. Just about any book can be found here, from your classical novels, to your romances, to books on every Abnormal known to them. The room itself is quite large, with enough room for a good ten or twenty people to wander around comfortably. One one side, there is a huge fire that is always carefully tended to, keeping the library warm and giving it a rustic glow. Huge, comfy couches are set up sporadically for reading comfort, along with desks. The shelves reach all the way to the ceiling, and ladders are placed here and there for those who want to get those top books.
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  • Control Room

    Despite the rustic appearance of the castle, this Sanctuary is more up to date than many think. In one of the many rooms lies the control room, a pass-word protected room that one can see everything from. Security cameras, electricity details, EM shields, everything can be seen from here. Large pieces of equipment that God only knows what it does lies around the room, and everything in here is password protected. The room itself is rather small, but it is one of the most important part of the Sanctuary.
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  • The Tech Room

    Near the control room lies the tech room, a place in which only the brave of heart go. For here lies pieces of technology worth more than you are, that helps power and secure the Sanctuary. The room is larger than the control room, mostly because it is here where the Sanctuary Heads of Houses confer. TVs line the walls, some for the conferences, some for security detail. Large chairs are set up in one corner, along a cabinet that is oh-so-handily filled with weapons. New weapons and equipment are constantly being developed here, making it a vital part of the Sanctuary.
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  • Infirmary

    Inevitably someone is going to get hurt, or sick, though that is not a problem here. The highest technology is placed here, and patients are given the best care possible. It is a large, light filled room that has that clean scent you smell when you walk into a hospital. There are many beds, and several small private rooms for those who want a little privacy. There is a little office off to one side for the nurse (or whomever is fixing people up) to use if need be.
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  • Offices

    There are several offices that are open to anyone to use dotting the castle. They are complete with comfy chairs, desks, a computer and books. It's a good place to get work done in peace and quiet, if the library is too busy. Most of the little offices overlook the ocean, making it a good place to come and think if you need privacy.
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  • Bedrooms

    Not only is this a home to the Abnormals that seek a save haven in it, but it is also home to the people who work here. The whole castle has various rooms on every floor, some big, some large. The residents here are of a strange lot, so it's best to knock before you enter any of the rooms.
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  • The Roof

    New Atlantis' Sanctuary is the tallest building for miles around, stretching high into the sky. One of the best views is from the roof, accessible from several stairways inside. It's a wide, open space, with a stone wall running around it to prevent anyone from falling off. Stone gargoyals, ancient guardians of sacred places, are at each corner, silent guardians of the Sanctuary. It is a perfect place to come out and think, and the view at night is beautiful.
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  • The South Tower

    On the south side of the castle stands a worn, battered looking tower, the tallest part of the castle. This fits many of the stereotypes about castles - forbidding looking and dark, it is not a place many come for fun. For enclosed here are the more violent Abnormals, the ones that cannot walk freely without posing a risk to others. They are secured in cells made of bullet-proof glass, protected by passwords and monitored by security cameras. Be careful if you decide to go here, for there have been known to be break outs...
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  • The Greenhouse

    Lying in a corner of the expansive land behind the Sanctuary, the greenhouse is easily overlooked. It is in the south-east corner, away from the salty air of the ocean. The greenhouse is a rather large structure, with large windows and doors to let in clean air and sunlight. The building has two trees on either side of the entrance, and flowers line the pathway there. Inside the building, all sorts of flowers grow. Temple's wife insisted on building this many, many years ago to give the Sanctuary a serene spot. It is a very nice place to go out and think, enjoy flowers.
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  • Weapons Range

    Times haven't always been peaceful here, nor did anyone really expect it to be. Behind the castle, in the expanse acreage after it, lies a weapons range. It is a small, sound-proof building in which one can practice shooting, sword fighting, or whatever else catches their fancy. An outdoor shooting range is not too far away, targets lining some trees near the back. Guns and other fun toys can be found in the storage shed, though they are password protected and monitored at all times.
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  • The Grounds

    Behind the huge stonewall castle lies a good several acres of land that is left intact, purely for the enjoyment of its inhabitants. The Sanctuary is not a prison, and there is suppose to be fun here. Long fields, gently rolling hills, and even a forest is included in the plot of land. It is all very well taken care of, and a pride of the people. Benches are placed along the paths for those who just want to sit and chat, and in the centre of it is a fountain. A word of caution - don't expect everything out here to be friendly, especially the woods at night...
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    Fri May 09, 2014 3:30 am
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  • The Ocean

    Along the road coming up to the Sanctuary island is the Pacific Ocean, a lovely view from both the Sanctuary and the roadside. On the bright, sunny days that so often come to California, people flock out to the beach to swim, play volleyball and suntan. It's a great place to hang out and have fun.
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